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    Hi all,

    Welcome to my journey. More info to follow.

    WEEK 1
    WEEK 2
    WEEK 3
    WEEK 4
    WEEK 5
    WEEK 6
    WEEK 7
    WEEK 8
    WEEK 9
    WEEK 10
    WEEK 11
    WEEK 12


    Monday 17th September 2018

    81.9kg (will weigh in again shortly and modify as this was last week)


    - Take each morning at 6:00am
    - Make meal plan and stick to it
    - Increase water intake
    - Track with FitBit (10k steps a day)
    - Gym class twice a week (or more)

    - to feel confident to go out
    - to fit in my clothes
    - to feel attractive
    - to be approached by people, not to deter them
    - to have a full-length photo taken of me
    - to stop hating myself and body shaming
    - to have an active social life where I accept invitations to go out places
    - to push reset on my bad habits and make better choices
    - to stop smoking (fairly infrequent, but I know it's an issue)
    - to stop fearing bumping into people from the past who realise how much weight I've put on
    - to stop yo-yo fad dieting
    - to find a routine that works for me
    - to hopefully never need to do Duromine again (5th times the charm)

    More details to come. Using this post as a placeholder to track my stats. Will likely use this space as a diary.
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    Here we go, LadyM has returned under another alias. My old account was lost in the abyss so I've had no choice but to start another.

    I'm 29 and I'm the heaviest I've been.

    I don't want to body shame myself, because I feel my previous attempts to lose weight had come from a bad place (i.e Hating myself), but what I need to realise is that I'm pretty awesome - regardless of my weight. It's hard to be awesome when you're not confident.

    I'm going to be the first person to admit it: I've done this before. It's worked short-term. I got back into old habits. Duromine side-effects have made it hard to continue. I've been on/off for various reasons, but none worse than the back pain.

    I have pre-existing injuries that flare up with Duromine. My back, hips, knees and shoulders all feel like they're on fire when I take this stuff. I've been told to increase water intake.

    My mouth also usually tastes like ass.

    Today is Day 1. I took Duromine an hour ago and I'm going to try and sleep again before it kicks in. The first few days are usually the sleepless nights for me.

    I'll keep you updated on my progress weekly. Looking forward to reading about others journeys also.

    Thanks for stopping by.
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