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    Hi Everyone,

    I introduced myself on the introductions page (if you want to check it out) but I will just give a small bit of background here. I have just started on Metermine 30mg yesterday morning at 7am (australian time) Im looking for others who are also taking metermine, duromine or phentermine to share the journey and give advice and feedback. Im 32 currently a stay at home mum with 2 kids, one at school and one at home. I am now 125 kg and 171cm tall...So I asked my doctor to prescribe Duromine to me, to give me a kick start on my weightloss and get back into a healthy eating pattern and exercise routine. So the doc gave a me a script and Im on my way on a new journey...

    Hope I can share it with others on duromine or metermine, look forward to chatting to you all. :)


    7.00 am - Took first pill with orange juice and then had breakfast with the kids

    8.30 am - Not in the least bit energised yet, actually was napping on the couch while the kids (its school holidays so I have both home) watch cartoons, its also a overcast boring dreary day here, about to rain I think. I was up late last night though as well, because I was anxious about starting on the pills!

    11.00 am - Keep feeling a little bit of a racing heart every now and then. Im up and moving about now, slightly more energetic, about to do some housework I think. Dont feel like eating anything yet.

    12.30 pm - Only ate a few strawberries for lunch, have been drinking more water as well

    5.30 pm - Had a bit of an episode, cried to my partner about how Id ruined my life by gaining this much weight etc etc. Had and on an off sort off day, not in the best of moods, I ate dinner without any trouble at all... I was slightly hungry.

    Q> So at the moment Im wondering if its normal that I went and napped in the morning, should I have more energy etc?
    Q> Am I on the right dosage? Does it take a few days to build up in your system to work properly, not that its not working properly its just not what I expected...
    Q> Will these mood swings stop? :(
    Q> Should I cut out dinner all together? I felt guilty eating the biggest meal I had all day at the end of the day!


    6.30 am - Was up a little earlier today than I usually am. I had a slightly restless sleep last night, nothing to serious, just took pill with oj and then ate strawberries and blueberries for breakfast.
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