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    Sad to admit but my weight was 145kg when I started it 15 days ago... In 15 days I have lost 8kg!

    I was a bit worried about it so I went to my chemist who specialises in weightloss, and he said that even though it is a large amount to lose, my body can cope with it, and its mainly fatty deposits and fluids that I am losing at the moment....

    I wanted to go by my own experience... So many people are saying 'Dont take Duromine, it messes with your head, and you will just put the weight straight back on when you stop'

    But I am only going by my experience on it, which so far has been really good.

    I have changed my entire lifestyle. I am eating really healthy, and walking alot more than I used to... No fatty junk food anymore, no sugar, no lollies no oil, no take aways ect... only cereals, fresh fruit, yogurt, lean meats, vegies and a little bit of rice here and there (only before 1pm tho) and lots of water to keep me hydrated!

    Ive found that my fave thing to eat lately is one large strawberry, half a pear, diced and mixed with 2 table spoons of low fat strawberry yogurt... it tastes so nice!

    The downsides to me taking Duromine is lack of sleep, Ive found that I some times cant get to sleep until 3am! Im actually glad that I am currently unemployed at the moment (never thought Id say that! seeing as I hate being unemployed!) because my sleep patterns are all out of whack...

    Another downside is bright lights such as my computer screen... or the TV.... gives me a headache and hurts the back of my eyes... Also loud background noises... If my fiance falls asleep watching the TV, I cant stand having it on so I have to turn it off... which I guess is a good thing anyway because it saves power...

    Ive also found that I get distracted easy as well... like if I want to say some thing, I have to say it quickly before another thought pops into my head lol Its good tho... keeps the conversations going haha!

    upsides of taking Duromine, are way more significant than the downsides in my eyes...

    1. 8kg in 15 days is AWESOME! but I know it will slow down to about 1kg a week soon, give or take...

    2. My mind isnt so foggy anymore. Like Im alot more aware of my surroundings, While before it felt like I was on auto pilot...

    3. Im having deeper, more meaningful conversations... and Im remembering alot from my childhood... which is so cool! about an hour or 2 ago, my fiance and I were laying in bed remembering all these cool TV shows and toys and stuff from when we were kids.. like the Jetsons, Gumby, Widget, Care Bears ect.. I couldnt stop laughing at how dorky I used to be... Like this one time I pestered my mum when I was 6 to stay up past my 7pm bedtime so I could watch Ghost Busters, but ended up falling asleep 10 mins into the movie anyway lol and how I used to always kiss Fat Cat goodnight on the Tv... or that Channel 10 advert... 'Goodnight captain possum! Kookabarra, Kangaroo, Goodnight young Kenny! and goodnight to you! gotta get to bed rest my weary head, gotta brush my teeth then theres prayers to be said, put away the toys in the old toy box, bring in the cat, snap on the locks!' (anyone remember it? lol) See, before Duromine I wouldnt have been able to have remembered that! its made my mind clearer...

    4. When Im walking, usually Id get puffed out fast, and my legs start to hurt (even tho I started out at 145kg- I dont look it- I look maybe 110kg tops) because the muscle builds up fast in my legs... But on Duromine, when I walk, its almost like my legs want to keep going and going and going...

    Oh, another downside, my skin has broken out a bit... just 3 pimples, but painful ones.. and Ive noticed my skin is a bit oiler...

    Im planning on maintaining any weightloss after Im off Duromine... Because I know how unhappy I was when I was 145kg... My goal weightloss at the moment is 20kg by march 2009, for my wedding day... and Ive already lost 8 of that 20... so I definately think its an achievable goal.. If I loose any extra then its a bonus.

    Basically, With Duromine, If I was to listen to every ones horror stories Id sit there freaking out thinking 'oh no, so and so experienced this... maybe the same thing will happen to me?!' which isnt what I want... so Im just taking each day as it comes... and hoping for the best :laughing:
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  2. ozzie mum

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    im jealous! :)

    good on ya!

    i've been on it for almost 2 wks :)

    i was loosing a gram a wk now i've put on 5 :(

    i'm currently on the lowest dosage and have been living on fruit, veg. no carbs, ect..
    no results. but after reading.. well fingers crossed...
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    To Ozzie’s mum: try to analyze why you put 5 kgs? Write down every your snack. Maybe you eat veg fried in oil? Or baked in dough? Analyze thoroughly.

    To missy_zee86: It’s great! It was a wonderful start! How is it going now?:) Don’t listen to anyone stories. Everything is individual. 1 kg a week is the best for continuing. Everything has to be slowly to avoid lost weight back. But for the start 8 kgs, exactly your result before your wedding day! It’s a sign that this time you will manage. Hope, you'll reply and inform us. :)
    Loud background is annoying for most of us, even if we are not in Duromine. Lack of sleep is probably a reaction for health life style for your organism. Try to go to sleep before midnight. Better have something relaxing like milk, or mint tea, with honey. It should work.
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    in reply to missy_zee:
    you know what, i had ALL those symptoms you described as well. every single one. except, sleep wise, i can get to sleep okay, but i wake up so goddam early, its driving me insane. ive also hit a spot where im just not loosing anymore, i think i may need my dosage upped or something, cause my body isnt responding like it used to.
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    Hello, dovey,:)
    I think missy_zee successfully lost her weight cause we didn't see her here for a long:rolleyes:

    are you new here? welcome at our forum:)
    are you currently on Duromine? how long?
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    As for clearing up the foggy mind, that is what it did for me, but it also led me once I was off it to go down hill quickly, and once the doctor and I looked further into a few things we realised why.
    Originally I was on it to lose 12kg, which I did along with a strict diet. I found I was actually hungry on the duromine, where normally I eat one meal a day.

    I have ADHD... Ritlan and the dex actually make me too dopey and tired to function, where the duromine calms my mind, I can focus better, and I have not lost anymore weight since eating normally again, nor put it on.
    My two daughters are also ADHD and I never thought I was the common link at the time.
    I have been on it now for almost 9 months with a one month break inbetween .
    Side effects I do not have any, insomnia I had before I started taking it.
    Increased sex drive is about all I can claim as a side effect.

    When I feel it is not working that is when I take a week off so my body doesnt get too use to it, and when I start back on it , it works again,
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