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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Skyla, Dec 6, 2018.

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    hi all , hoping I can find some friends to assist with my journey. Firstly my background is this . I’m 32 and currently at my heaviest I’ve ever been in my life . I was 74 kilos at my first weigh in when I was pregnant 6 years ago . I had my first child at 100 kilos so a big gain and I have fluctuated between 90 and 100 since .
    I recent started a new desk job and have rapidly gained weekly . Doctor said it’s totally normally to gain 1-2 kilos a week when sitting for 8 hours a day but I was feeling so horrible and scared for the future of my health that I begged him to try duromine . He was pretty against it and has only prescribed me 2 months of 30mg and told me not to ask again.
    I’ve done loads of research and see some great online stories and hope to be one of those but I’m only on day one and already disheartened . I’ve just gotten home from my work day and if my children would let me ( they won’t haha ) I could probably sit and devour some ice creams and chill out in front of the tv . Not the right mind set to have . I don’t know why I’m so hungry . I had toast for breakfast and a smoothie for lunch today but apart from the fact I probably would of been a little peckish after my smoothie for lunch I don’t feel any different . I have had my thyroid checked as I’m not a massive eater but I’m not a healthy choice eater . I could skip dinner for ice cream easy or just eat crackers and cheese for lunch on a regular day .
    I was hoping I wouldn’t be hungry or maybe feel this burst of energy that those have been explaining but I kinda feel zombies out and slightly confused today at work if honest .
    Can anyone relate
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    Hi @Skyla sorry I didn't see your post last week!

    How are you feeling now? Sometimes the Duromine can take a few days to kick in.

    Have you noticed a decrease in appetite now?
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