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    hi all,
    Tomorrow will be my first day on duromine. I'm very nervous as I read all about the side effects but I'm trying to concentrate on the positives. I am here due to a massive weight gain during my pregnancy. I am currently 6months post pregnancy and finding it hard to shift the last 10-15kgs of my baby weight. Due to a csection and back issues I have been unable to start up my pre pregnancy exercise regime which is killing me. I'm slowly getting my strength back with losts of low intensity workouts and a healthy diet, but so far I've only managed to lose 5kgs in 3-4months. So now I find myself here ready for my first day on duromine 30mg tomorrow. Any advice,tips or encouragement welcomes! Xx

    Height- 160cm
    Pre preg-62kg
    Due date-84kg
    Post preg- 79kg
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