False positive pregnancy test

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    Just wondering if April can shed light on this one. Has anyone experienced a false positive pregnancy test whilst taking duromine. I missed a period, possibly from the duromine, was worried so took a test it was most definitely positive. Stopped taking the duromine for 2 days, then was able to see my Dr. doctor tested and negative, then ordered blood test and that was a resounding negative.
    Google shows false positives are extremely rare but some medications can cause a false positive. Since people have reported that duromine sometimes shows positive for amphetamines, I wondered if it could also affect the preg test.
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    Well, my experience tells me that duromine can alter your periods. Apparently, it does alter your hormone profile, if there are any unrevealed irregularities. Never heard of a false pregnancy test on duromine, but know that these are possible even without it.
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