Can Alcohols Stop Duromine From Working?

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    I was wondering about whether it's possible having alcohol could stop you from losing weight with duromine?

    I started in 15mg last week and lost 3kg, even though I was still eating junk food! I had a jug of cider on Sunday night and since then I haven't lost any weight at all!

    I'm really worried because I've been exercising very intensely these last couple days - which I didn't do last week! And have eaten so much less than last week (around 1000 cals a day).

    I was expecting to lose more weight this week because I'm actually eating less and exercising and so far nothing! The only thing I can't think of is the alcohols perhaps is hindering my weightloss?

    Any advice?

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    Hi Carrie! Where to begin…

    Alcohol in itself doesn’t hinder the weight loss on Duromine, yet its consumption can have several unpleasant effects for the progress. First of all… Duromine is a very potent drug and it already makes your body work differently. It provides a certain load to all of your internal organs. Alcohol is not a good thing alone, and you know it. Besides. Both Duromine and alcohol exert some serious effects over your central nervous system. You can never know how your body reacts the next time you decide to booze. I wouldn’t risk, if I were you.

    Plus, alcohol consumption can lead to water retention. Again, no weight loss…

    Moving on… you increased your exercises drastically, so you probably started building some muscle mass, which means no weight loss

    Last and not the least, you cut the caloric value of your nutrition to a very scarce number of 1000. If you were not exercising so much, this would already be a serious torture for your body, where it would probably switch into survival mode. Top it off with increased exercising, and you’re killing your body.

    1. Up your calories intake through useful foods.

    2. Monitor your water intake

    3. Don’t just use the scales to monitor your progress. Take some measurements of your body.

    Don’t get discouraged. It can be simple plateau, which hits everyone sooner or later. Stick to a good program, and the weight starts moving down again. Take care!
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