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  1. Hi!
    The name is Rain, I'm a Mum of 2, bit of a hippy (portly in size), and generally just a normal Mum/wife/person.
    I got my script of Duromine and will begin it in the morning. I'm getting pretty chubby these days, and want to get healthy and fit - just got this as a kick-start to my weight loss. I'm a bit of an Oprah Winfrey. Put it on, lose it. Put it back on, lose it. I'm currently in the put it back on phase but hoping to change that!
    I just thought I'd join here to keep track of my (hopefully) progress, and lean on some other people who are going through the same thing as me.
    I'm starting at 88kg's and as I'm only 165cms tall, I need to be about 65 to be withing my 'healthy weight range'.
    Peace to you all :)
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  2. Hi again, I'm on day 4 now, and I'm feeling a bit better today.
    Day 1 was fine, bit spacey in the head and I barely ate anything, day 2 was much the same but I fet a little nauseas. Day 3 was awful, couldn't go to work due to feeling really sick and light headed. I think some of that was from not eating enough though. I had a banana and a big salad sandwich yesterday and I think that;s why I feel better today. I have barely slept though, so hoping to get more exercise into my days to help tire me out.
    I plan on weighing myself every Saturday, as I started the Duromine on a Saturday. I'll keep you posted.
    I'm still feeling positive, just hope it's worth it :)
    P.S. I am thirsty ALL THE TIME!!!
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  3. Hi again, I'm feeling great now, still a bit spacey in my head, but I think my body's used to the tablets now. I finally got some sleep last night! I'm doing well with motivation. Not a single crumb of chocolate has passed these lips!!! Or any other junk food for that matter...
    I've lost 2 kilos already and it's only been a week. I'm exercising at least 30 mins a day as well as the usual stuff, so I'm happy with that as it's what the Dr suggested.
    I'm not eating a great deal, still drinking a truckload of water all the time too.
    In the afternoon I have a diet fizzy drink as a treat/refresher.
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  4. Hello again,
    Just doing a little update as I'm nearly halfway through my first packet of Duromine. I've lost 3 kg's, which is great, but I have to say I was secretly hoping for more like 5...
    I'm generally feeling OK now, sleeping about 6 or 7 hours a night. I'm exercising every day, at least 30 minutes a day. I'm still not eating much, but what I do eat is all healthy. I have one real meal a day, plus fruit/veggies for the other 2 meals.
    Even though I have only lost 3 kg, I actually feel a lot better. I'm not bloated, and things fit better on my body if that makes sense!
    I'm still getting a bit of anxiety, but a few deep breaths and positive thinking seems to get me by. I'm worried when I stop taking these that I'll put weight back on, but will just keep as active as I can, and will stay off the unhealthy foods.
    Not one bit of junk food in 2 weeks :) woo hoo!!! I don't miss it either :p
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    Hi, Rain,
    All I have read about you is great. You are now in favourable circumstances because you have to care of two kids and that means you burn a lot of calories and you have to cook healthy food for them and can avoid junk food for yourself too. So, with help of Duromine and your willing to look pretty fit everything is possible, I’m sure!
    One rule: to avoid Oprah Winfrey’s effect, every lost kg is to be accompanied with 10 day healthy food after you finish your treatment and diet! I’ll remind you about it when you are 65 kg to stay within your 'healthy weight range'.

    I gonna watch your progress, and cheer you up to successfully proceed.
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    Hi Rain
    I am a new member and only started with Duromine on the 8th of May. My doctor recommended eating more proteiens and less fruit, since fruit has a lot of sugar which may hamper the weight loss. I have All bran flakes with a fruit in the morning, I have a teatime snack consisting of proteien (goats cheese with veggie or thin slice beef/ham), for lunch I have a salad with a proteien (chick, tuna/salmon) , for a late afternoon snack another fruit and in the evening a low fat non carb meal (steak and veggies).
    If you want to you can try this, a friend of mine also complained about loosing weight slowly although she mostly only ate fruit. When she changed her diet a bit adding more proteien she shed a lot of weight fast. Good luck!
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    Hi Rain,

    How is it all going?

    I am on day two ( of my second time) on Duromine.
    The more you exercise the more the weight will come off too.

    I always eat breakfast when on Duromine or ill get really crappy by 10am ( dont know y lol)
    I also eat salmon/tuna for lunch and last night I had a plain steak.

    Good luck you can do it!!!!!!!!
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