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    What is the most important feature of a good weight loss medicine? Many people keep looking a perfect remedy to lose excess fat these days. But unfortunately, most of modern medicines cause side effects or have no effect at all. Before getting to talk about new weight loss pill, we should realize that weight loss is a long term and complex process. So usually it takes time to achieve any visible results even with the help of diet pills.

    Modern pharmaceutical market desperately needed some new solutions for people, who were suffering from obesity throughout their lives. Lots of diet pills were available on the market, but only few of them had FDA approval or were discontinued due to severe side effects.

    This one is different. Adiphene is a new weight loss supplement, which is completely different of what we used to call a “diet pill”. First of all, Adiphene is made in a different way (comparing to Phentermine or Adipex) and contains eleven ingredients. The greatest benefit of Adiphene is in its ingredients, because they are all herbal, which means safe.

    Is Adiphene somehow similar to Adipex or Phentermine?

    The new weight loss drug Adiphene is a herbal analog of Adipex, yet safe and much more effective one. Adipex contains one active substance Phentermine, meaning it acts as appetite suppressant. Due to number of side effects, Adipex is no longer the safest medicine for weight loss.

    On contrary, Adiphene contains 11 active ingredients, which are all natural. Adiphene does not contain phentermine, which makes it a completely different medicine. However, some Adiphene components act like appetite suppressant, and so this feature makes Adiphene a little closer to Adipex.

    Adiphene ingredients

    Let's have a closer look at Adiphene ingredients. According to scientists, eleven herbal components provide the safest and most effective weight loss effect ever known.

    To begin with, all Adiphene components can be divided into groups:

    • Appetite suppressants
    • Thermogenic supplements
    • Metabolisers
    • Fat binders
    • Stimulants

    The very first and most important feature in a good diet pill we are looking for is reduced appetite and daily cravings, therefore the appetite suppressants are on the first place.

    Kanjac root better known as Glucomannan is a very strong herbal appetite suppressant. Thus according to clinical trials, overweight people who were taking this product, were having less food cravings than usually. This is very important, since hunger is the biggest problem of every obese person which brings him nothing but stress. Because of strong appetite and food cravings, overweight people find themselves very hard to lose weight at the beginning.

    Glucomannan is included into Adiphene formula, which helps to control the appetite and move further in effective weight loss.

    The second group of Adiphene ingredients consists of Stimulants. These are:

    • Guaranna extract
    • Bitter orange
    • Ginseng panax root
    • Chromium picolinate
    • Cacao extract

    So what do Stimulants do? Stimulants we need to get more energy while our body is forced to lose weight. In addition, these substances increase the metabolism, which is also important in the weight loss process.

    Guaranna extract is made of well-known Amazonian plant from South America. It is already known for its energetic properties and used in energy drinks for athletes. This herbal product increases metabolism, giving a great reserve of energy to your body.

    Bitter orange was found to be effective in metabolism, as well as appetite suppression, not mentioning the great energy that it can provide. According to clinical studies, bitter orange is even more effective than ephedra, possessing the same thermogenic effect.

    Ginseng panax root works as metabolism enhancer (in addition it helps to control the level of blood sugar). If you attend gym or make exercises at home, Ginseng will help you to feel strong and will increase your stamina while you workout.

    Another study shows that Ginseng panax can affect the cells that store energy as fat tissue. Simply put Ginseng makes the fat storage more difficult in these cells.

    Chromium picolinate stimulates production of insulin. In case you don't know, it is insulin that controls the amount of fat in the body. In particular Chromium picolinate increases the insulin receptors sensitivity, thereby making insulin levels optimal for better work of the whole body.

    And last but not least, Cacao extract is known for its mood-enhancing properties. Plus Cacao extract enhances metabolism and also hinders fat storage.


    Thermogenic supplements serve as “fat burners” without affecting the body systems. These are: Cayenne capsicum (capsicum is a good fat burner, used for weight loss for long time) and Cinnamon extract. Cinnamon extract decreases the blood sugar levels for some time, so that fat is not accumulated in large amount in the body.

    Optimal concentration of Cayenne capsicum in Adiphene helps to deliver all the rest ingredients to all parts of the body. Because Cayenne capsicum is found in hot pepper it provokes faster fat burn by increasing the calorie expenditure.

    Fat binders prevent your body from absorbing too much fat. Chitosan extract binds fats together, bringing them along the gastrointestinal tract without letting them to be absorbed into the blood. As a result, all excess fats come out of your body, which means no excess calories are in your system.

    And finally the Metabolizers. This group of Adiphene ingredients consists of vitamin B6 and L-carnitine. Vitamin B6 enhances the metabolism, providing quick transformation of food into energy. Besides this, vitamin B6 regulates the blood glucose.

    L-carnitine is amino acid, which affects fat deposits by transforming them into energy and making you stronger when you workout. Every athlete knows that L-carnitine is very effective in fat burn, energy boost, being the best basis for growing lean muscles. Moreover this amino acid is natural component, found in our body.

    So now you see that all 11 components of Adiphene are natural, which means safe. All these components were carefully selected and combined into one medicine for best results. Since every single one of them is chosen to work for better weight loss without side effects, Adiphene is among the safest and most effective weight loss medicine.

    Adiphene benefits

    Unlike Adipex or any other popular diet pills, the new weight loss medicine Adiphene provides more than just weight loss. Adiphene pills:

    • improve metabolism
    • increase the strength, stamina and libido
    • suppress the appetite
    • provide thermogenesis (to burn fat)
    • regulate the blood glucose

    So when you use Adiphene diet medicine, you not only lose weight in a safest and easiest way, but you also support your body throughout the whole treatment course. Because weight loss is a stressful process for the body, you need to make sure it gets all the necessary supplements and vitamins to stay healthy. Adiphene has vitamins and essential components in it, for you to stay in a good shape and feel good during the weight loss course.

    Adiphene precautions

    As mentioned above, Adiphene consists of all natural ingredients, yet it may cause some side effects. During clinical trials, it was found that Adiphene is not recommended for people with impaired metabolism and cardiovascular disorders.

    People, who have problems with thyroid gland or suffer from hypertension, must not take Adiphene. Also Adiphene is not recommended for people with diagnosed glaucoma. In order to avoid any allergic reactions,one should carefully learn the information on Adiphene components. It is possible that patient may be allergic to one or several active ingredients of Adiphene.

    Pregnant women should avoid taking Adiphene weight loss pills, or better consult a nutritionist.

    How to buy Adiphene?

    Since Adiphene is a new weight loss supplement, it is hardly available in every drugstore. However, unlike Adipex-P, Adiphene pills do not contain any controlled substances, and thus you can buy Adiphene without prescription online. As you know, most diet pills are available by prescription only. Besides such pills like Adipex-P and Phentermine caused many side effects in overweight patients.

    None of it refers to Adiphene pills, because they are made of herbal ingredients only.

    So if you are looking for a safe and effective weight loss medicine, then you can order Adiphene online and gain even more. Because when you buy Adiphene online without prescription, you actually save your money. The larger pack of Adiphene pills you get, the more money you save.

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    Good news Ladies!

    Just found out that Adiphene pills launched for sale today!

    It is a good way to check out some safe natural diet pills.

    Perhaps this remedy becomes useful for those, who have tried 'everything' but nothing helped.
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    I will look information about this product!
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    Anyone tested this stuff?
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    Any reviews on this?
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