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    Hi all!

    OK! here is my first question! (well questions) I don't know if this is the right place to post it.. but feel free to move to a better place if it needs to be somewhere else.

    I started Duromine 4 days ago, and I already lost 1.5Kg. In regards the side effects I haven't felt a lot of them... although on my first night I didn't get almost any sleep my third night was amazing... I started walking and playing Just dance (a dance game on WII) and I think that have helped me using the extra energy that Duromine gives you.

    Taking into account that I just want to lose 10 Kg and the many side effects of Duromine I don't want to be in it for a prolonged period of time. I am wondering, it is possible to lose 10Kg in just 1 month (I'm on the 30mg capsule).

    Ok, I'll better get down to business, ha ha!
    My most important question is that I'm a little bit unsure of what it would be better for me to eat... during these past few days I haven't felt hungry at all but still I have eaten 3 meals per day because I know it is important for you to eat... I will give you example of what I've eaten and please don't be afraid to tell me if I'm doing something wrong, that's the point of it, I want to make this experience counts.

    For my first day I had:
    Brekie: Coffee
    Lunch: 1 grapefruit
    Dinner: lean steak, rice

    Second Day:
    Brekie: Coffee
    Lunch: lean steak with rice
    Dinner: lean steak with rice and salad

    Third Day:
    Brekie: Coffee and 1 soft boiled egg
    Lunch: Tuna with mayo
    Dinner: lean steak with salad

    Fourth Day:
    Brekie: Coffee
    Lunch: Chicken with mushrooms and salad
    Dinner: Coffee with toast

    I am also drinking aprox 3 lt. of water per day as Duromine has given me a really dry mouth, and I'm going to the bathroom a lot!!! (getting a little bit to personal? ha ha)

    As I told you I am trying to exercise... I've never exercised before (apart from dancing and being a cheerleader on high school) so I'm trying to walk from work to my house at a fast pace, that's like 45mins and I also play my Just dance game at home for around 1 hour... I sweat like crazy ha ha...

    Altogether I've lost 1.5Kg.. I think it is all right but I think I could be doing better...
    What do you all think?..
    I really hope to get some answers, as I want this experience to be a total success.. summer (and my birthday) is coming to Australia and I want to look good and be healthy for it and for the rest of my life!!

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    not that im an expert but i would be having more then a coffee for breakfast, breakfast is your chance to have carbs and know ull burn them off! even without exercise 'break/fast'.
    Id be careful with the rice, any white carb is bad carb really, maybe change to brown rice i have brown rice and pasta and its just as good tasting and ten times better for you becos wholegrain is low gi.
    a good friend of mine who is a health nut her rule is no carbs after 1 in the arvo, i am yet to do this rule lol.
    final thought GO GREEN green vegis are so important easy for me to say eat them cos ive always loved my green veg as a kid and now and even more so cos im a vego.
    GOOD LUCK with your goal!!!!!
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