6 Weeks Of Highs And Lows

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    I am almost at the end of week 6. Week 2 - 5 I did not take Duromine as in Week 2 when I started using my weight either came to a stand still or I gained weight. Over the weekend in week 5 I decided to try again as I was a month into healthy eating and was hoping that the Duromine would now start working after my initial body shock and......it's working !!! I am so happy after a couple of weeks of truly wanting to throw the towel in my weight is coming off a bit quicker now. It's still not where I had hoped it would have been after 6 weeks...was hoping for at least a 10kg lost but fingers crossed by the end of this week I will be 7kgs lighter. I still can't feel the weightloss on my clothing or in the mirror but hopefully the next 6-7kg will start showing more results.

    Side effects: Restless sleeping and mild constipation.

    My Christmas wish: 15kg lighter from SW = 78kg


    WEEK 1:

    06.08.12 93.4kg
    07.08.12 91.3kg 2100G 2.1kg
    08.08.12 91.0kg 300G 2.4kg
    09.08.12 91.4kg +400G 2kg
    10.08.12 90.4kg 1000G 3kg
    11.08.12 90.1kg 300G 3.3kg
    13.08.12 90.0kg 100G 3.4kg

    WEEK 2:

    14.08.12 90.0kg 0 3.4kg
    15.08.12 90.3kg +300G 3.1kg
    16.08.12 90.0kg 300G 3.4kg
    17.08.12 90.2kg +200G 3.2kg
    18.08.12 89.7kg 500G 3.8kg
    19.08.12 89.7kg 0 3.8kg
    20.08.12 89.7kg 0 3.8kg

    WEEK 3:

    21.08.12 89.8kg +100G 3.7kg
    22.08.12 89.4kg 400G 4.1kg
    23.08.12 89.2kg 200G 4.2kg
    24.08.12 89.2kg 0 4.2kg
    25.08.12 89.0kg +200G 4.4kg
    26.08.12 88.9kg 200G 4.5kg

    WEEK 4:

    27.08.12 89.1kg +200G 4.3kg
    28.08.12 88.9kg 200G 4.5kg
    29.08.12 89.1kg +200G 4.3kg
    30.08.12 88.7kg 400G 4.7kg
    31.08.12 88.9kg +200G 4.5kg
    01.09.12 88.5kg 400G 4.9kg
    02.09.12 88.7kg +200G 4.7kg

    WEEK 5:

    03.09.12 88.9kg +200G 4.5kg
    04.09.12 88.9kg 0 4.5kg
    05.09.12 88.7kg 200g 4.7kg
    06.09.12 88.8kg +100g 4.6kg
    07.09.12 88.9kg +100G 4.5kg
    08.09.12 88.1kg 800G 5.3kg
    09.09.12 88.0kg 100G 5.4kg

    WEEK: 6

    10.09.12 87.6kg 400G 5.9kg
    11.09.12 87.9kg +300g 5.6kg
    12.09.12 87.7kg 200g 5.8kg
    13.09.12 87.7kg 0 0
    14.09.12 86.9kg 800g 6.6kg
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