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    Ok so I am 3 weeks in at 40mg and I’ve only lost 1.5kg. Very upsetting. Been having fat blaster shakes for breakfast, either fat blaster shake or salad for lunch and dinner is whatever my husband makes. I’ve been cutting out biscuits and coke and all the stuff I used to eat and have heard stories of people losing heaps of weight and me - nothing. Second week I didn’t eat during the almost at all cause of the tablets but didn’t lose anything cause my body went into starvation mode. Help pleaseeeee
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    Ok @Fatherine there are a couple of things I want to ask and hopefully we can get some insight into what might be happening :)


    1. Are you tracking your food intake? and your drinks?
    If you aren't have a look at an app like "My Fitness Pal" or "Lose It" as both have free options that will give you a total and list each item individually as well. It will also break down salts, fats, proteins and carbs - and for me this was really beneficial as I found that I was having too much sodium (salt) which caused me to retain water and not let the kg's drop.

    That being said the recommended dietary intake for women wanting to lose weight is 1200 calories. Quite a few of us aim for 1000 for a quicker weight loss. Just remember also that if you are exercising you are going to need more fuel for your body

    2. If your dinner is a heavy one - maybe it might help to swap your meals around.
    Make breakfast your biggest meal of the day, a lighter lunch and a shake for dinner.

    3. Are you doing any exercise at all?
    Even if it is just going for a brisk walk 3 times a week - it will definitely help.

    4. If you are exercising are you remembering to have rest days?
    For example I have a calorie burn goal of 500. That is what I try to burn each day. When its a rest day, I still burn the 500 but my exercise is not intense. I can burn 500 calories just by spring cleaning my house and running errands on some days. If you are exercising every single day, muscles that are being used consistently will become inflammed. Your body needs a break from that intensity so that they have time to repair themselves and lose the inflammation - then you will drop the weight. For example I might run on a Monday, walk on a Tuesday, rest day on a Wednesday etc...

    4. The dreaded cycle.
    Unfortunately as women when it comes closer to our cycle we can hold on to fluid - again causing us to retain the kg's. For me (prior to my hysterectomy) the week before was awful and nothing would shift at all

    5. How good were your eating choices prior to Duromine?
    If someone for example is already eating healthy, watching their sugar, carbs and fats and has implemented an exercise routine, their body is already used to the change they have already made. Compare it to someone who needs to lose 30kg and whose diet consists of high sugar and fatty foods with no exercise. They start taking Duromine - all of a sudden they have no appetite and are able to make better healthier choices. They start exercising (for the first time in years) and the body goes "holy heck!" and drops a big number.

    6. Are you on any type of medication?
    The pill or HRT for women can cause your weight loss to move really slowly - so just a thought.

    I know it is really hard to NOT compare yourself to others, but just remember we are all individuals and Duromine will work differently on everyone *hugs*
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