3 Weeks In... Feeling Good. (Male)

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    My name is David, I'm 35 years old from Cape Town, SA.

    I'm not one to share my personal info, but when I did my research it was very hard trying to find reviews or stories from men, mostly woman. So I thought I would share, incase there's another gent, looking for inspiration.

    I started my weight loss journey 19 days ago. (24/01/2019)

    Starting weight: 157.7Kg
    Current weight: 147.1Kg
    Goal 1: (End of April 2019 - 130Kg)
    Goal 2: (End of November 2019 - 110Kg)

    How did I find out about Duromine?
    I really wasn't feeling well at all, I had zero energy, wasn't sleeping well and wasn't motivated, despite me knowing I had to make a change. I landed up at the Doc, and it just so happened that it was about a year since I saw him. He's first response was: "Whatever you're here for, I can tell you it's because of your weight." and he was right. I just needed a kick up the backside. He took my blood pressure, was a little higher than normal. Then I stood on the scale and I almost fell over when I saw my weight, I honestly had no idea. He recommended a change my lifestyle completely & suggested that I look into Duromine to help me get started.

    Did I jump straight into taking it?
    No, I had my doubts at first. I did a lot of research, reading blogs, watching YouTube videos, etc.. Like anything, there were a lot of bad reviews, and a lot of good reviews. I struggled to find many men, but the few I did, had very positive results, so I that was enough for me to give it a shot.

    Did I have any side effects?
    I battled to sleep for the first few nights, but that went away after about a week. I also experienced breaking out in a sweat at random times, but that too stopped. Other than that, I've felt great.

    How's my appetite?
    From the start, I stopped craving sugar/sweets mainly, but also wasn't after my usual carb food like bread, pasta, potatoes. I eat smaller portions and I'm not looking for things to eat like before. I have found though, after about 3 weeks, that towards the later part of the evening, I start getting hungry, but not that bad that I HAVE to eat.

    I started on a Thursday and decided I would weigh once a week on a Sunday. I skipped the first Sunday as it was only 3 days later:

    Day 1: 157.7Kg
    Day 11: 150.7Kg
    Day 18: 147.1Kg

    Total Loss after 18 days: 10.6Kg

    I will write an update at the end of March 2019. :)
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    Wow! You're doing such a great job, looming forward to your update :)
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    what are the results now?
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