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Discussion in 'My Experience with Duromine' started by Kristen, Mar 21, 2018.

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    I am six days into month three on Duromine. What a journey!

    I lost 1.1kg on my own the week before I began taking Duromine. So my initial starting weight was 88.3kg. However, 87.2kg from the first day I started Duromine.

    Duromine 15mg
    Starting weight: 87.2 kg
    Finishing weight: 80.3kg
    Total loss: 6.9kg

    Duromine 15mg
    Starting weight: 80.5kg
    Finishing weight: 77.3kg
    Total loss: 3.2 kg

    I fell off the bandwagon between month 2 and 3. However I am back at it harder than ever!

    Duromine 30mg
    Starting weight: 78.7 kg
    Current weight: 77.2 kg
    Total loss: 1.5kg

    It's been a really good journey. I am never disheartened by the small losses (3.2kg in month two). Any loss, is a loss!

    I am running 15 - 20 km a week now.
    Eating very very healthy
    And more determined to lose this weight than ever.
    Very happy to also say that i don't experience any side effects on duromine. I did initially on 15mg, i would have random days where i would experience dizziness and dry month. But i believe being on duromine 15mg for two months, helped my body cope with the transition to 30mg.

    Height: 169cm tall
    Starting weight: 88.3kg
    Current weight: 77.2kg
    Total loss: 11.1kg

    Starting waist measurements were 89cm.
    My waist is now 78cm.
    That is a 10cm loss!
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    Wow that's really good results, please post after month three, I would love to be in the 70s
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    Hi Kristen! It’s so nice to see you still going, and going strong! I though we lost you lol. You did a great job and I love your attitude towards this last month. That’s right! Maintain this determination and just do it! Hats off for the running achievement, now I finally know what your exercising is =) Wish I could shake your hand and say that I you can be very proud of yourself.

    Sounds like you did develop healthy habits, and are willing to get to your goal. Falling off the wagon is quite normal. The main thing is to get back on track, and this is exactly what you are doing now – so it’s a great practice before you discontinue Duromine. I am sure now that you will be able to hop back on track if you ever fall off again. Btw, I have o remind you that it is better to discontinue Duromine in a gradual manner. So, when you will be getting closer to the end of the last pack, better start taking Duromine every other day for a week, then every third day for a week, then every fourth, and so on, until the last pill. This should help avoid possible withdrawals and avoid possible fatigue and low energy levels. Looking forward to your final report!

    11.1 kg down and 11 cm off the waist and counting… =)
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    Wow awesome wel done
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