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  1. Demi_D
    Love the EGGIES!!! thanks for sharing, April. Def trying this for the next week's breakfasts
  2. April
    :LLL:LLL:LLL got it in my schedule for tomorrow. But I love Zumba, so I'm sure I'll enjoy it. But i remember times, when i was about to die at the end of every workout, and i was begging that...
  3. SayWhat
    Did you try this? I was working with the girl at the left and almost died. hahaha guess, i won't get up tomorrow. but it feels so good to do something and finish it even with my tongue on my...
  4. April
    just FOUR minutes, guys! So no more excuses =))
  5. Demi_D
    This is sooooo useful for me. Need to try prepping this weekend. Thanks for sharing, April! Guys, does anyone else does the prepping in weekends?