Common Weight Loss Myths

Myth no. 1

“Magic Pill”. If you really try, you can find a tool, which suits every single person.

“Magic Pill”. If you really try, you can find a tool, which suits every single person.

Really, why isn’t there an instruction, which tells precisely what you need to eat, which supplements to take or not to take? Why all the difficulties?

In mathematics, the so-called contradiction method is used to prove the inadequacy of some assertions: that is, we assume that something is possible, and look where it may lead to.

If you take some time and analyze the figures, you will easily see that the beauty industry is one of the most profitable types of business. People are willing to spend huge amounts of money on their appearance! The desire to have a toned, slim, sexy body is one of the “top” desires of modern people.

The services of stylists and cosmetologists, nutritionists and plastic surgeons, fitness trainers and consultants have become the number one need for millions of people around the world.

So, hypothetically, let’s assume that there does exist some kind of magic pill or diet, which can make you lose weight quite easily and maintain the result in the future. The only thing that we need to do is to find this most cherished pill, this tool, which will solve all our problems at once.

And here we are trying, looking, sorting through… What if you stop for a moment and ask yourself a simple question: if such a tool exists, where are those lucky ones, who found it before us?

When we are at the beach, in public transport, or just walking in the street, why don’t we meet these people? The ones with perfect figures and in a beautiful athletic shape, who have no worries about the food they consume.

To make it even more obvious… Try to remember how often do you see people in a great shape with a hotdog in one hand and a glass of beer in the other? That’s right. Never.

Of course, we can assume that not every person wants to consume such food and drinks and, despite the high demand for beauty services, all people are indeed different. Good. Now let’s drop in any gym and ask why this magic diet has not yet been printed out and glued on the inside of each locker in the locker room of each fitness club? People visiting those are surely concerned about the beauty of the body and their appearance.

Why these universal sets for weight loss are not sold in hypermarkets in the most prominent place? They would surely be sold out instantly. Doesn’t this make you wonder? That’s right. It’s all because there is no universal remedy or a universal weight loss diet.

Whether we like it or not, we will have to develop and implement our own principles of nutrition and healthy lifestyle, in order to look and feel equally good. And this is exactly the thing that we want to try and help you implement.

And now, let us move on to the second myth.

Myth no. 2

You can find a diet, after which you will never gain weight back.

You can find a diet, after which you will never gain weight back.

This, our dear friends, is another very common myth. It fails in the part, which makes it contradict the law of energy conservation. As you probably know, in 1775 the Paris Academy of Sciences decided not to consider perpetual motion projects, because of the obvious impossibility of its creation. The existence of such a mechanism would directly contradict the law of the energy conservation.

Without going into further details, the law says that the energy cannot come from nowhere and disappear into nowhere. If we eat more than we consume, the extra energy will be stored in our body in the form of extra kilos.

The truth is that our appearance does not depend on diets we observe, on the training program we use today. It depends wholly and completely on our lifestyle. It is very, very important that you understand this truth. Please, write it or print it out in large letters and hang it near the mirror.

No matter which weight loss diet you use, how much time you spend trying to lose weight, which training program you use, your appearance comes in line with your previous lifestyle very quickly, once you get back to it. In other words, if you get back to eating cakes, hamburgers and washing it all down with beer or coke, no diet will help you maintain a good shape. You will return to the way you looked before you started the diet.

At first, it seems almost a sentence. Do you really have to say goodbye to all these delicious things that we love so much? Do not worry! We know a secret, which will help you get even more pleasure from your new lifestyle. Of course, we will certainly share this secret with you.

And this is the moment where we move on to another common myth. This myth is being spread by the compilers of all kinds of weight loss diets, dishonest nutritionists and, strictly speaking, our friends.

We call this myth “The secret of my girlfriend”. That same girlfriend, who can eat cakes at night without gaining a single gram. Another type of this myth sounds as follows: “Why, then, did my grandfather drink, smoke, eat anything he wanted and managed to live until ninety years of age, while maintaining an excellent shape?”

Myth no. 3

“The secret of my girlfriend,” or “Why can someone eat anything without getting fat? I want to be the same.”

“The secret of my girlfriend,” or “Why can someone eat anything without getting fat? I want to be the same.”

It is no secret that almost all of us have such a friend or girlfriend. A girlfriend, which is definitely a witch. During the office parties, she never rejects sweets, and washes them down with a glass or two of brandy, at lunchtime she can easily grab a hamburger or chicken nuggets with fries, while her slim and taut figure continues irritating you with its perfection.

You, in turn, if following her example, watch your clothes start tearing from top to bottom, and your reflection in the mirror reminds you that this option is unacceptable. It’s such a pity it can make you cry. So what’s the matter? Why is everything so unfair?

As a rule, it is absolutely meaningless to your friend about her magic abilities to eat all she wants without getting fat. She simply eats what she wants and does not get fat. At worst case, she will give you tips of the sort “make cleansing enemas twice a week using brew of a special herb, which you need to collect in the full moon, as well as take cold showers, and, of course, switch to running instead of walking, when you go out to buy the cigarettes and beer.

As if you didn’t try all these already… The only difference is that these dubious methods supposedly helped your friend, and did nothing for you. Makes you feel utterly discouraged, doesn’t it?

Thing is that those people, who distribute such tips, and those who listen to them, forget about such “insignificant detail” as genetics.

Have you ever wondered why, suppose, I am 172 cm tall and have gray eyes, and my neighbor is a two-meter beanpole, has black hair and weighs two times less than I do? Why someone is 140 centimeters tall, and weighs about the same as me – 97 kilograms?

The answer is simple – genetics. This is the reason why your friend indulges in cakes without sacrificing her attractiveness, and you can’t do the same thing. We are all genetically different. That is why I am 172 centimeters tall and I have gray eyes, and my neighbor is two meters tall. And our bodies respond in a different way to excess nutrition, as well.

There are people who have a genetically determined low percentage of body fat, and there is nothing we can do to change that, unfortunately. As a rule, such people can eat anything, do anything they want with their bodies, but, as if gifted by God, they’ll get away with it for the time being. And we don’t.

Do you know what all this looks like? It looks as if another descendant of the Rockefeller family is born, who already has much more money from the moment he is born, than any of us can earn in our entire lives. This is a reality, which he inherits from the parents, and not the merit of the individual himself. So should we get sad about this? Absolutely not worth it, and here comes another common and very dangerous myth.

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