Biggest Loser Diet

Not a single person of those, who managed to lose any considerable amount of weight, will ever tell you that it was an easy way. Every single kilo lost means a lot of efforts and suffering, both physical and mental. We could be witnessing those efforts and the changes that they can bring in the Biggest Loser TV show. Stunning results are available not only to show participants. Each of us can keep to the Biggest Loser concept and lose weight.

How long should we keep to the Biggest Loser diet

Biggest Loser diet can become a serious 6-week kick-start for a further active weight loss, or you can adopt its principles for the rest of your life to keep leading a healthy lifestyle and avoid various health conditions. Biggest Loser diet has proven to help solve such health issues, like:

  • High blood pressure
  • High cholesterol level
  • High triglycerides level
  • Cardiovascular risks
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Metabolic syndrome

So, it’s basically up to you to decide how long you will keep to the dieting & exercising Biggest Loser program, yet the shortest period still remains 6 weeks. Doesn’t sound too long for a bunch of health benefits it provides.

Do we have to spend a lot of money to keep to this diet?

If your decision is not to get into one of the Biggest Loser weight loss resorts (which are quite costly, yet highly efficient), and to keep to the program at home, you won’t be spending a lot of extra money. Surely, if you are used to consuming unhealthy foods, which are usually cheaper than healthy fresh fruits, vegetables, meat and fish, you might find a slight increase in your expenses for groceries.

Still, you don’t have to pay anything extra, like entry fee or monthly fees. You might wish to buy a book with recipes, though. It will help you keep to the Biggest Loser diet without twisting your brains on what to cook and how to do it correctly. Prices on Amazon for the new books do differ, depending on your decision to buy:

  • eBook – about $10
  • Hardcover – $10 to $40
  • Paperback – $7 to $10

This is probably it. No more other expenses for food, other than the price of products you decide to buy to cook for yourself.

Do we have to cut any food groups from our menu?

Yes and no. Yes, if you consider junk food a food group (I consider it the junk group). No, if you were doing your best to avoid fast food, and just kept failing to put it all together as it should be to provide a weight loss or weight maintenance.

In fact, Biggest Loser diet encourages us to eat everything, even the desserts (or favorite treats). Yet, the amounts and shares of foods do play an important role. We should base our nutrition on the principle of the healthy eating pyramid, which is quite simple and very understandable. It is designed in 4-3-2-1 principle. The numbers indicate the amount of servings of certain foods you should have each day and, by the number of servings, goes as follows:

  1. “desserts” (around 200 cal)
  2. whole grains
  3. lean protein
  4. vegetables and fruits

Thus, your menu will be abundant in fruits and vegetables, which, together with proteins and fiber-reach whole grains will provide a consistent blood sugar control throughout the entire day. As we all know, it is very important for a healthy weight loss and helps avoid ravenous appetite and cravings.

If the eating plan is so balanced, why do I need to exercise at all while on Biggest Loser program?

If you did not manage to watch at least one episode of Biggest Loser show, you definitely should, and you will notice how much importance is given namely to exercising. In the Biggest Loser weight loss resorts, people move actively for 7 hours during the day, each day. No, this doesn’t mean that they are pushing the weights until their hands are rubbed off till the bones.

They go on long hikes along alternating reliefs, they do stretching, as well as various workouts. So, as you see, you also can incorporate increased physical activity, even if you have a very busy life.

  • hiking can be a couple of bust stops to you work/home that you walk on feet,
  • stretching can be your 10-minute morning workout to keep the muscles and body ready for the new day and charge yourself with energy,
  • third set of exercises is the one you choose for your evening activity, be it a high intensity interval training or a pleasant jog in the nearest park

It is important to understand that no harmonious weight loss is possible without exercising. You have to shape your body, model it like clay, if you want to avoid slow weight loss and metabolism, as well as tons of sagging skin. Top it off with health and heart benefits, and you will realize that you need physical activity to be healthy and lean.

How much of the allowed products can I eat during the day?

It is important to keep in mind the fact that your meals should be nutritious and diverse, and SMALLER than the ones you usually have. Since the moment you introduce physical activity in your life, your body starts demanding fuel to function properly and build muscles, instead of feeding on them. How much fuel? Well, we took a peek at what menu people are offered at the Biggest Looser resort, and it “weighs” approximately 1200 calories, and, in fact, sounds very delicious.

However, the ideas for meals you get in the Biggest Looser books range from 1200 to 1800 calories a day. What you need to do is to adjust the daily consumption of calories to your weight and goals. Thus, you will be able to keep to the same food scheme, when you are out of the active weight loss phase. Do not forget that the daily amount of calories should change along with your weight loss, so you will need to do some thorough calculations for sure.

Do I need anything else, besides the Biggest Looser books and new running shoes?

It is strongly suggested that you measure your portions carefully, at least in the first couple of weeks, until you know for sure what your portion size should look like. This will require you using kitchen scales.

Besides, you will find it very useful to have a diary, in which you keep the track of the food you eat and exercises you do. Thus, if you notice that you hit a plateau, you will be able to check what you are doing right or wrong and revise your current activities.

Is there a way to find out what exercises the Biggest Looser contestants were doing?

You can get the 8-week Bootcamp program for about $40 per month, and you will be provided with a supply of videos, which will help you exercise daily and lose weight without doubts on whether you chose the correct workout or not.

However, a bit earlier in our review we have mentioned that you do not have to exercise exactly like the participants do, and you can find alternative options for daily activities. Besides, don’t forget that you are not in a show and you do have a job and a life that need your time. So, exercising for seven to eight hours sounds more of a fantasy thriller for almost every person in the world.

How much weight will I lose? I want the same results, as the Biggest Loser participants achieved.

Weight loss always depends on many factors. And here, we would like to emphasize the fact that you will not lose as much kilograms on this diet, as the show contestants did. The situation is different, and you should not wait for the same drastic weight loss, as the participants had.

Besides, some of them regained their weight after they came back home. They immediately forgot about all the good things that they were explained or what they should (not) eat. This proves once again that a fast weight loss is not the best solution, while developing healthy habits in nutrition and exercising can help you continue losing weight or maintain it.

Overall conclusions

Never forget that weight loss mostly affects your health in a positive way. And if you truly want to remain healthy and not reduce your metabolic rate to a critically low value, you should try and keep to healthier way of weight reduction, i.e. 0.5 – 1 kg in a week.

Weight that you lose very fast through strict limitations and crazy exercising might come back in the same fast pace. So, while the Biggest Loser program is based on the healthy eating pyramid and long workouts, it is up to you to develop habits that you will be able to maintain and keep the excess weight off. Good luck!

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