To keep the Forum as user-friendly, as possible, we try to maintain a certain order and kindly ask you to post your thread in a proper category, i.e.:

  • to introduce yourself, post in Introductions
  • to share your weight loss experience, post in My experience
  • to share a success story, or make a motivational thread, post in Success stories and motivation
  • if you want to get access to a variety of cool Forum features, you need to get a Premium Membership and enjoy the full experience
  • if you are looking for a doctor or clinic to get a prescription, or want to report a scam seller, post in the appropriate sub-category of Get diet pills online & offline section
  • If you have questions or tips on any issue concerning weight loss, post in the appropriate sub-category of Weight loss assistance category
  • For any questions about the work of the Forum, post in Forum work. Tips & suggestions.

You also have the opportunity to read or make your own weight loss blog, sharing your experience with other Members and using as a place that helps you keep the track of your weight loss progress and review your nutrition and physical activity, when needed.

Our dear men, since you are like rare pearls on, and weight loss in men seriously differs from the way that women lose weight, we would like to attract your attention to the fact that you have Men’s corner, where you, if you wish, can open a separate thread and have more people of the same gender, similar experiences and worries. We truly appreciate your presence on the Forum and hope that each day brings one more man, who is willing to become healthier and reach new goals.

As you know, scales are not the only (and not the best) indicator of your weight loss progress. Therefore, it is strongly advised to take some photos of yourself before you begin Duromine journey, during it, and at the very end – to compare these and see the changes. On, you can upload your photos to share your success with other Members and keep your motivation always at hand.

We appreciate your attentiveness and efforts to keep our Forum clean and orderly.

Warm wishes, ( Team).

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